Radiant Cut Diamond: Getting The Right Ring

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and when it comes to special occasions like weddings, engagement, etc. nothing beats the beauty of a radiant cut diamond decorated in a precious metal band. However, choosing a radiant cut diamond for your ring is not easy. You are going to need to invest time and effort to get the job done correctly.

The first and most important thing to understand is that your engagement ring is a joint decision, not something that can be done individually. Before your marriage, this is the important occasion that will allow you to spend some quality time together and most likely to take your first decision as a couple.

Now that we have told you the importance of the process, let’s focus on the simple tips that you can adhere to in order to ensure that you are choosing the right ring:

Diamond: While a round brilliant cut diamond is a great choice. There are chances that you may like the other options as well. Therefore, while browsing through the variety, make sure that you spend time to analyze options.

Metal: While a diamond ring looks good in gold and platinum, you need to decide the metal that you want. For those who have the budget, platinum would be a great choice.

Size: For once, you have to start with deciding the size of the stone. But, later on, you will also have to decide the size of the ring. The bigger the stone, the more expensive the ring because more precious metal will be required to balance the weight of the stone.

Design: Often people don’t like the simple bands. Well, that is absolutely normal but when you choose a complicated wedding band design to suit the royalty of your stone, you also need to remember that the whole piece will take time to be made.

Color: Diamonds look best when they are left to shine in their original colors but you can always opt for some interesting shades, depending on your preference.

Just a word of caution, in case you have a wedding that is just round the corner, don’t complicate matters by opting for rare designs.

Lastly, always remember to authenticate the purchase by asking for a certificate. If you have bought the stone and ring from separate places, you should ensure that you get two different certificates.

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