How To Choose The Right Diamonds?

A GIA certified diamond engagement ring can be the perfect option to charm your fiancé just before the big Day. But choosing a diamond ring is not a cakewalk especially for people who are not aware of the nuances involved.  From the size of the stone to cut, clarity, shape and a whole lot of other things need to be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing diamond rings. In fact, even after you have given due importance to all these factors, the choice of your partner is something that needs to be handled precariously.

A good idea, therefore, would be to choose diamond rings with your partner. It’s a great way to spend more time with each other and you can be sure of making the right choice.

Here is a list of tips to follow when it comes to choosing diamond rings for your partners:

The stone size: While everybody loves to flaunt a rock, if you think practically, wearing a big stone on a daily basis is quite challenging. Instead something small and petite is a wiser and surely better choice.

The stone shape: Diamonds come in various shapes. For instance, the round diamonds are designed to offer maximum sparkle while the blunt ones are a great choice for the vintage inspired look. The important thing to understand is that with the shape of the diamond, there is a slight but noticeable difference in the overall shine.
The certification: When buying precious stones, it is important to opt for GIA certified diamonds. The certification ensures that in the event of any problem in the future, the customer is able to justify the purity of his or her purchase.

The cut: Diamond rings look pretty but the cut of the stone plays a crucial role in deciding this final appearance. Our advice would be to opt for cuts that best highlight the beauty of the stone. Remember the purpose is to make it look sophisticated not loud and uncanny!

The color: Most people prefer the colorless white diamond and it looks really classy as well. But, sometimes your partner may also want a colored stone. Therefore, it is best to involve your partner in the initial stages itself to avoid confusion later.

Lastly, remember to set aside a budget when you start choosing diamond rings. While we understand sticking to the budget might be difficult, having an outline will ensure you don’t end up exceeding the budget.

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