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Pear shaped diamonds are inspired by the idea of a tear drop. Yes! The precious drop of emotion that flows through the eyes and beautifully conveys the concept of beauty and love. Pear shaped diamonds are a great choice for various occasions. If your engagement is scheduled soon, try to impress your loved one by presenting a pear shaped diamond. It’s a beautiful way to convey your love and offer a unique choice.

Pear shaped diamonds have for long been the preferred choice of royalty and your lady is no exception to this trend!

However, when you are choosing a pear shaped diamond for your special engagement ring. From the shape to the cut, size and clarity, there is so much to be seen and till you are not sure about all details, you just can’t get the right thing.

Don’t worry, we are not here to scare you. We are here to help you. Here is a look at the simple tips that you need to keep in mind when buying pear shaped diamonds.
First things first, remember that pear shape is a combination of round and marquise. The slim cuts make it look very pretty, when you wear it on your finger.  So for people who have broad and fat fingers, keeping the pear shaped ring will make your finger look long and slim.

Symmetry is the key for such rings. Be careful in finalizing the details. Observe the symmetry and the brilliance should appear soon enough.

Narrow vs wide is the classic debate when you are choosing pear shaped rings. The narrow ring looks pretty on danglers or earrings but if you are keeping it for the ring, the wider option is better. This is once again decided by the length to width ratio. If you don’t know much about this ratio, use a little bit of internet research to identify the details.

As for the evaluation of the color, most people prefer the classic white. But if you want more interesting color options, try asking your jeweler. There are a few interesting options in this category as well but still nothing beats the aura of the classic white.

So that’s about it, with these simple tips in mind, you can choose a great ring in a matter of few days by just implementing these tricks.

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