Flashy White Engagement Ring For The One You Love

White gold is very popular in metals and is the most opted metal for engagement rings. White gold provides beautiful settings to the sparkling diamonds and enhances the look of the engagement ring. White gold engagement rings are beautiful and affordable. They can be matched with other jewelry pieces and the wedding day gown.

White gold is an alloy of yellow gold and other materials. The metal mixture contains palladium or nickel which imparts the silver color to the white gold. As, the base metal for white gold is yellow gold, white gold always have hues of yellow color.

This white gold is then coated with rhodium metal which imparts sparkling white color to the precious metal. The rhodium metal coating has to be recoated after few years probably by 10 years due to wear and tear of the coating metal.

History of White Gold:

• White gold became popular during the 1920’s. As platinum is extremely expensive, white gold was introduced as an alternative to platinum which is available at affordable prices.

• White gold with all ups and downs in fashion during the century, it again became popular in the early 20 Th century and is a popular choice of metal for engagement rings and settings for jewelry till date.

Reasons for Choosing White Gold:
• It is less expensive than platinum. Platinum costs about four times that of white gold. It is a great alternative to platinum.

• White gold makes the diamonds in the ring dazzle more brightly. This is attributed to the gleaming shine of the white gold.

• White gold complements the sparkle of the diamonds in the ring.

• White gold is resistant to scratching and is a very strong metal.

• White gold looks much similar to that of platinum. This is due to the fact that it is coated with rhodium. Rhodium is a member of the platinum family and hence white gold has platinum like finish.

• Rhodium coating of the white gold imparts white sheen and enhances the beauty of the ring.

• White gold provides excellent setting for any brilliant cut precious stone.

White gold engagement rings are the best alternative for those who are in search of something catchy in metal other than yellow gold. It is a best alternative for the admirers of platinum metal. Pave setting of the diamonds is the most popular choice with the white gold for engagement rings.

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