Five Tips To Bear In Mind When Buying Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Are you planning to buy an emerald cut engagement ring? Well, if the answer to the question is yes, we must first congratulate you because it’s a great choice. There is nothing more royal than the emerald cut engagement ring. However, the royalty is true only when you buy a genuine quality stone. From the certification to the cut and clarity, there are a thousand things that need to be kept in mind when choosing engagement rings.

Don’t worry we are not here to confuse you. In fact, we are here to help you solve your confusion. There are so many beautiful rings to choose from that the confusion is bound to happen. However, by observing a few simple techniques can make this task easier for you.

So here is a quick and simple guide:

Decide on the stone size: Before you set out to purchase the emerald cut engagement ring, start with finalizing the stone size. Ideally, a big stone is not advisable as the bigger the size, the more difficult it is to wear the ring on a daily basis.

Always ask for a certification: A stone’s value is always mentioned on the certificate. The certificate is like the proof that guarantees the authenticity of your purchase. Everything from the color of the stone to the size is specified in this certificate. If there is any discrepancy in the detail on the certificate, your purchase is not correct.

The metal is also important: The stone is beautiful but unless the quality of metal on which it is being set is not good, the overall beauty will be compromised upon. Therefore, try to ensure good quality of metal.

The right fit: In order to be able to choose a good ring, it is important to get the size right. Sometimes when fingers are stressed, the size of the ring increases. This makes it tough to be able to identify the right size. Accordingly, keep your fingers stress free if you want to get the exact fit.

Always insist on a trial: While a wedding ring looks best with the wedding dress. But, before you get to wear the golden band on your wedding day, make sure you have had a trial run. This will help you guarantee the fit and even if you need changes, they will be taken care of easily.

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