The Eternal Promise Of Love Is An Engagement Ring!

An engagement ring is the symbol of finding true love and a commitment to stay with your betrothed till the end. You have already realised that she is the one,  now what ?How do you pick up that precious ring which will melt her heart and have that twinkle of happiness in her eyes?

Your very first step is to know her taste in jewelry. This can be tricky or very easy. Tricky if she doesn’t wear jewelry often and easy if she wears it a lot. In the first case scenario, you will need to get it out of her by asking subtle questions and in the other case scenario, just observe and analyse, it will be quite obvious. Next is the type of material she likes. Again by asking or observing you will get your answer. You may want to surprise her with the type of material like choosing white gold.

The next logical step is getting to know her ring size. This needs to be done without arising any suspicion on her behalf. You may act coy and ask for the ring she wears most frequently for you to keep so as to remind you of her presence while you are not together. Or you may also look into her jewelry box and propose to get the rings clean as a sweet and romantic gesture. If you can’t guess the size just by having a look at the ring, do not despair.  The employees at the jewelry store have ring sizers to tell you what size it is.

Now comes the place from which you will purchase the ring with which you will propose to her. There are two most common places. The first one is from jewelry stores which sell varieties of engagement rings for women. This is the most obvious choice by many since they offer such a big variety for all tastes. Employees at the jewelry store will be most agreeable to help you out and even if the size is wrong, you will be able to get it re-sized right on site. Another great place to get your engagement ring is from an online store. They also have a wide range of engagement rings which comes at great prices.

Finally the proposal!  After getting the ring, pick the ideal place to propose. Pick a location which has a romantic meaning for both of you like the place you first met or your frequent hanging out place. It will be this moment which you will remember for the rest of your lives. Since it would be a nerve wracking moment for you, try to get a lot of practice to minimise the nervousness. Enjoy her reaction when she will realise you got her a ring which fits and is as per her taste.

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