Should Your Wedding Bands Match?

When you are buying wedding bands, what is the one doubt that keeps coming to your mind again and again? If it is about the matching of wedding bands, you are not the only one faced with the dilemma. There are many like you who keep wondering right till the last moment should their wedding bands match or not?

Well, what you are about to read here might offer a solution to this problem, once and for all. First things first, let’s start with understanding the options. Every couple traditionally has three choices. Their wedding rings can be exactly like each other or matching. The second option is complementary wedding ring and the last choice is completely different, to each his own!

What does tradition say?

Well, if you delve into the traditions, you will realise that the dilemma never existed. No! This was not because our ancestors were smart. In fact, it is simply because of the option of both bride and groom wearing rings was never present. Back then, only the bride was lucky enough to get the ring.

However, as time progressed, traditions also evolved. Today, in most western countries, the bride and groom both exchange rings and when the concept of ring exchange started, the dilemma also originated.

What’s trending now?

Be it micro pave wedding band or round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring, being able to identify a trend is tough because every couple has their own preference. However, a lot of couples are opting for matching wedding rings. When you look at the border picture, it does convey a cute style statement.

In fact, to put it simply, wearing the same wedding bands is like proclaiming your love for each other. It’s the ultimate show of love. Additionally, it also reflects that the bride and groom have similar tastes. Some people also look at it as a way to value traditions.

What if you choose differently?

So, we have said that the traditional choice is to have the same wedding rings. But, for those against tradition, there is no punishment. When the rings are different, it shows that the couple is willing to give each other the space that they need. The bride and groom are allowed to keep their individuality. Also, choosing different rings kind of reduces the pressure on the couple. Since you don’t have to choose the same thing, you can pretty much go around shopping at your pace and picking what you like.

The conclusion

We have told you about the options that you have. But, ultimately what matters is the choice that best suits your requirement. If you are in the mood to stick to individuality, let it be different but if you are willing to compromise a little for love, opt for the same bands. Always remember, the person who loves you will love irrespective of the ring that you choose.

So, go ahead choose the ring that you like and make sure that you enjoy the process as well as the wedding that follows.

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