Metal Choices For Wedding Bands

From round brilliant cut diamond to the eternity wedding band, choosing the right engagement ring can be a challenge especially when it comes to the guys. After all, they have little or no understanding about the multitude of choices until they set foot in the market. So, for all you guys out there, here are some important guidelines.

Be it round brilliant cut diamond or eternity wedding band, irrespective of the choice that you make, you can choose the perfect wedding ring by applying plain logic. Yes! Before you can choose the right ring, you need to learn to pick the right metal.

There was a time when a plain gold band said it all. If you added a diamond to the proposal, it was like bringing the stars down to earth. But today, the choices are more and so the confusion is obviously bigger.

Before, you understand, which metal suits your requirements in the best way, you need to learn to differentiate between all the available options.

This is the traditional option for wedding rings. The yellow shiny gold is the perfect complement to the white dress and is sure to shine. What’s more is that gold goes well with most skin types. In some countries, gold is mandatory for weddings. Additionally, gold symbolizes the tradition of love in its exquisite designs. This makes it an ideal choice for many
In most designs, gold is like a lifelong investment so it will last even if you wear it during your daily routine. Of course, gold rings are expensive but it all depends on the type of ring you choose. For instance, a simple gold band is cheaper than a diamond studded one.

Silver: When the occasion is to wear white why not the metal ring for your special day. Silver shines and looks very pretty. However, there are some challenges with choosing silver as the metal for your wedding ring. Even though silver shines, this is one metal that tends to lose its glamour a bit too soon.  For instance, if you are investing in silver rings drop the idea of being able to wear them on daily basis else it will end up looking shabby in no time.

However, in this category too, there are some types of silver rings that come with special coating to make the shine last longer.

A recent addition to the league, platinum rings are great. Often known as white gold, this is a strong and durable choice when it comes to the metal for your wedding rings. Ideally, opt for a plain band which is an exact replica of what you are wearing. You can also buy platinum rings in pairs. It’s a great choice for wedding bands and your girl is sure to fall in love with the lovely design options.

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