Advantages Of Round Brilliant Cut

Round brilliant cut is the most common cut in the world and that too, by a large margin. The fire, brilliance and the versatility of this cut amounts to the soaring popularity of this cut. This cut has seen the wave of followers since its inception and there is no sign of a reduction even after a century of the introduction of this cut.

Round cuts and its predecessors have been around from the 17th century. The name of this cut comes from the particular cut performed on the diamond which gives it the maximum brilliance and reflection quotient. The previous version of round cuts, like the cushion cut, used to have lesser number of facets. With lesser number of facets, the surfaces are longer which expose the flaws of the diamond, when exposed to the light. Thus, these cuts were good only for the flawless diamonds. Round brilliant cuts have much more number of facets which means the surfaces are smaller and any flaw in the original stone can easily be hidden. As perfect diamonds are rare, round brilliant cut is apt for almost every diamond.

While the experts differ slightly on this, the ideal number of facets on a round cut diamond is considered to be 58. If there are many flaws in the diamond to hide, even more facets can be created in this cut.

The primary advantage of this cut, which also accounts for the great popularity of this cut, is how ably it handles the flaws in any stone. In diamonds with a clarity rating of SI1 or SI2, the flaws can be seen with naked eyes, in other cuts. However, if the same stone is cut in round brilliant shape, those flaws can be well hidden.
Moreover, this cut does a great job of enhancing the natural brilliance and reflection quotient of the natural stone. The primary attraction of a diamond is the shine and round brilliant produces that to the extreme. If taking advantage of the natural sparkle of a diamond is the primary concern, nothing can beat the round brilliant cut. No surprise that round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring is the most common version of engagement or romantic rings.

Durability of round brilliant cut is another great advantage of this cut. Other cuts, especially those with straight cuts like the emerald cut, are often prone to damages and dents, especially near the corners. However, in this cut, the diamond is very safe.

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