Princess Cut Diamonds: The Most Romantic Diamonds

The princess cut is a rather new cut; it came into existence only in the 1960s. However, it is one of the most popular cuts now for an engagement ring. What's the reason behind this popularity? Let us discuss the reasons of this popularity.

First of all, the princess cut diamonds sparkle in the most brilliant of ways. Although the diamond has the shape of an inverted pyramid and has four bevelled sides, it often gives the illusion of a square or rectangular shape. The unique facets within the cut of the diamond give it a chevron shaped reflection. It also adds to the cross shaped look of this stone.
The dainty but elegant princess cut engagement rings increases the shine of the stone. This way, these rings sparkle with intensified flair. It is not the look of the stone alone which evokes the emotions but it is the feeling of being a princess. This ring makes you feel like a pampered princess and obviously, a princess can only be married to a prince. What more can a woman need except to be the princess of her prince charming!

Imagine yourself at the receiving end of a ring. A blue velvet box, it opens and you see the most dazzling diamond ring of your life. Of course, it has a large central stone which is a princess cut diamond. Then there are two smaller princess cut diamonds on both sides of the ring. Finally, there are tiny diamonds, covering the whole of the band. You can't hide from the dazzle and shine, no matter what you do. Can you say no if your lover goes on one knee and asks you for your hand after offering you this!

Even when the ring isn't exactly similar nor he dons shining armour, a princess cut diamond is still full of fairy tale romance and appeal. Combining this diamond with a proper band can create a very appealing engagement ring. It will carry the same glamour and charm a princess deserves. If you love traditions, you can get your family heirloom fitted with a princess cut diamond and can combine the best from both worlds.

Pick the perfect princess cut diamond and create the most appealing princess cut diamond engagement ring for your princess. Look into her eyes, propose to her offering her that and she simply can't say no.

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