Points To Consider Before Buying An Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring is very critical to show your partner how much you know her. It will be a symbol of your love for the rest of your life. Hence, making the right choice of engagement ring is very important. Here are a few points to consider:

We have evolved quite significantly over the years as people and how we behave socially. Even our thinking has changed a lot.  With this in mind, nowadays it is perfectly acceptable to ask your significant other to come with you to a jewelry store specialised in engagement rings for women so that you may choose the perfect ring for her together. The jewelry store’s employees would be delighted to assist you in making the best choice. However, a high percentage of men dislike this approach since it takes away the surprise factor and the precious moment of seeing her delighted face.

If you are going with the element of surprise, make sure you pay attention to the following guidelines:

Analysing her taste in jewelry-No woman would want to wear a piece of jewelry daily if it is not as per their taste. Hence, don’t go rummaging in her jewelry box. You may be looking at the wrong pieces of jewelry to base your assumption. Instead, observe carefully the jewelry she wears on a daily basis. Note the material, the design whether it is intricate of basic and the overall aspect. If for example she likes to wear classic god pieces, there is a high chance she will fall for a classic gold ring as an engagement ring.

Getting her the not so common loose diamond-A few men have started the trend of the loose diamond. This rather new concept consists of choosing only a loose diamond for the proposal and afterwards as a couple, they go look for the appropriate ring to host the diamond. You might as well look into that option.

The profession consideration –An important aspect of choosing the right ring is the question: In what profession is she in? If your partner uses her hands a lot at work then it would be a wise decision to go for the classic plain gold ring thus limiting the chances of her damaging the gemstones or diamond inadvertently. This option will ensure that she remains comfortable wearing the ring as well as looking glamorous.

Phone a friend –Girls like to talk about their dream cushion cut engagement rings with their friends. To be sure you’re getting her the ring she dreamt about, take her best friend as an accomplice. Make sure the friend chosen swears an oath of secrecy before involving her in your engagement ring shopping. You will benefit from insightful tips from the friend to choose the ring enabling you to focus more on the place of proposal and how you will deliver the proposal speech.

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