Engagement Rings for Women: What’s Trending & What’s Not?

When it comes to picking up engagement rings for women, most men look for the easy way out and just buy the first diamond engagement ring and present it to their maiden. However, that’s not right. Engagements are special and when you are choosing an accessory for this special occasion, you better be prepared to settle for nothing less than the best.

Entering into the world of companionship with the one you love is a very special occasion and in most cases, a once in a life time event. As the couple to be, you need to do this together. Buying a ring for your lady can be a very romantic idea. Instead of looking at as just another task in your wedding celebration, look at it as the one thing that you can do together and make the most of your celebration.

From the shape, size, cut and even clarity, there are plenty of things that need to be in place when you are choosing the wedding ring for your partner. Basically, it is her preference that matters the most. You can talk to her and gradually dig in to the details to present the most romantic gift ever.

Additionally, when it comes to princess cut engagement rings, take time to find out what’s trending and what’s not. There are plenty of shapes but not all of them may suit you. Some of them may be classy yet way beyond your style and expectations. Investing some time to do a little internet research to find out what’s trending is also a great idea.

After all, these days a lot of the fashion guidance comes from Pinterest and other social media portals, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, here is a snapshot of the trends that matter:

Shapes: Nothing beats the classic round but you can always opt for unique shapes like ovals, triangle and others. The shape actually depends on the size of your girl’s hands. If she has long fingers, going for a break from the usual round shape might end up looking classier and sexier.

Metal: Gold is an all-time favorite when it comes to choosing the metal for your ring. However, if it seems feasible, take a break from the mundane option and try platinum. More expensive when compared to gold, platinum looks very classy and happens to be the new choice of the millennia.

Designs: For those who like a simple design, go for the plain band coupled with minor engravings. Without too much complication, this petite option looks far more classy and appealing.

Size: Of course women love to flaunt the rock on their fingers but don’t go for a very big size because your girl might find it uncomfortable to wear it daily. Especially if you are committed to a working women, she would not want to garner unnecessary attention for her accessories.

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