How To Buy An Engagement Ring Alone

Engagement rings carry a promise. Once it has changed hands and starts adorning a finger, there is a promise from a man to the woman, a promise to marry her in near future. While many people choose the ring together, once the man chooses it alone and surprises her with it, the joy and the glitter in her eyes compensate for the trouble the man takes. Making this choice is difficult as she will not only wear it every day for the remaining of her life but also it will also add to her grace and style. So, it should be durable, stylish and unique, befitting her personality. Choosing it without her input is difficult but not impossible.

Thanks to the advertisement from De Beers some 70 years ago, solitaire diamond rings have become very popular. However, there are other precious metals and stones, depending on the country you live in.  One shouldn't feel bound to buy diamond rings, especially if she is not a fan of diamonds. Rubies, emeralds and sapphires are popular choices for engagement rings for women. There are some different colors of diamonds as well which brings a unique flavor, compared to the traditional and popular white diamond.

What's the personality type of the woman you love? Is she an outgoing and extrovert person who loves camping and hiking? Or is she a truly and traditionally feminine character? What's her profession? Is she a painter or a teacher? The answers to these questions will give you a clue about the style of ring you should buy for her. She might enjoy a sparkling diamond which glitters every time she moves her hand. She might prefer a solid design over the tall design like princess cut. A solid design is more suitable for a working woman which holds to the ring more strongly.

The size of her hand is another factor to consider. If she has long and slender fingers, she might enjoy a bold and striking ring with a wide base. Big hand and fingers will not be a great match for delicate designs as the ring will look small and insignificant. For short fingers, oval shaped stones are perfect and will make the fingers look longer but they should be proportionate in size. A too big or long stone might lose the effect.

Once you have considered all these factors, you can proceed to selecting the design. You can buy the ring locally or can go online and search for jewelers with online shops.

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