Wedding Bands for Women - Opulent Pieces of Affection with a Rich History

Wedding bands for women are usually symbols of love and commitment. They inform the world that the person wearing then is not available any longer to be wooed. Wedding bands come in a selection of unique styles for both the ladies and the gentlemen. In general the styles tend to be alike but the sizing is what is totally different. For the men, the ring tends to be chunkier and also comes in much larger sizes as compared to the ladies’ version.

It has been a representation of affection and commitment since the olden Egyptian times. The circle shape of these bands was usually considered to have a mystic touch and it signified a never fading love. Also, in the ancient times, the Romans considered at it as a bond between a man and a woman. For centuries, only the woman used to wear the band but as times gradually changed, the man was also expected to demonstrate his promise to the world and men started wearing them. This is actually somewhat new tradition which started in the 1940s with the Second World War when a lot of married men were dispatched off to the war.  
Wedding bands for women have been formed from all kinds of materials. Originally they were molded from iron throughout Roman times, for the reason that iron was the toughest metal that existed. It was also symbolic in that it depicted a bond that could not be broken but as time passed on, silver and gold became preferred. All through puritanical times the wedding bands for women used to be moulded from the lower part of a thimble, since jewellery was believed to be wasteful and impractical. Therefore, men would exchange thimbles with a women as a symbol of engagement, then after the marriage ceremony the foot of the thimble was cut off and the married bride would put it on.

Some of the wedding bands for women are encrusted with gems and tend to be quite elaborate. A much-loved trend today is having the inner side of the band inscribed with a special note to the wearer, or the date of the marriage ceremony.

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