Problems With Micro Pave Rings

Micro pave is a technique of setting tiny diamonds into wedding or engagement rings. Effective paving means setting diamonds all around the ring, from edge to edge, to cover the whole surface of the ring. Thus, very little precious metal is seen on the surface. The aim behind micro paving is to create a layer of brilliance on the surface of the ring or band.

Jewelers use the smallest diamonds while creating micro pave rings. These diamonds are so small that the whole work is done under microscope. The micro of “micro pave” comes from the use of microscope during the crafting of the ring. Micro pave is popular because now diamonds can be placed at areas which were not possible earlier.

Do micro paves have pitfalls? Yes. There are two problems with a micro pave wedding band. The first one occurs when the ring needs to be resized. Most of the micro pave rings have diamonds all over them. Now when it’s resized to a smaller dimension, the jeweler needs to cut the ring at the bottom and pull down each side of the cut to join the gap. When the metal is pulled, the prongs which hold the diamond tend to get disfigured and as a result, the diamonds fall out. If you resize it to a bigger size, the problem is less but it is still there as the prongs are disturbed from the pulling.

How can one prevent these problems? First thing is that you buy a ring which fits the fingers perfectly. A rule of the thumb is, the allowable range for a ring size is 1 size down to two sizes up. This much adjustment can be done without having the aforementioned problems. Anything beyond that range can virtually assure you of a future problem of stones falling off.

If you have requested a ring and the ring is beyond this allowable range, you should have a new ring made to avoid future problems. Any modification of that ring will cause the problems we have mentioned earlier.

Secondly, you should choose a jeweler who is willing to provide a lifetime warranty and is ready to repair the ring for free if any defect shows up. This way you can get a micro pave ring which can be modified to an extent and also can be worn for a lifetime.

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