How the Pear Cut Diamonds Came Around

The pear cut diamonds can also be termed as the tear drop shaped diamond. This special cut was introduced by Lodewyk Van Berken ala Louis Van Berquem. He was the one who invented the scaif back in the 1456. The scaif is a polishing wheel which is pre infused with olive oil and also diamond dust. These combinations allow the diamond to be polished from every angle giving it that sparkling uniqueness. The pear cut diamond was not an immediate hit among the jewelers back in 1458 since a large portion of the rough diamond was lost in the process but clients loved both its shape and sparkle.

The typical traits of the pear cut diamonds would be the combination of the round cuts and the marquise cuts. One side of the diamond would be curvy or round and the other side would slim down to a fine tip reassembly closely a pear or even a teardrop. Occasionally it has also been referred to as the pendeloque which is a diamond traditionally cut with 56 facets with 33 on the crown and 23 on the pavilion. The pendeloque makes optimum use of light and gives back the all so loving sparkles. 
Let us now come to the proper way to wear a pear cut diamond ring. This is mainly decided by the one wearing the ring but here are some pointers which would help you in making a choice. If worn with the tip facing the fingertips and the oval shaped part facing the hand, the fingers will look elongated. And also the diamond will be at its best looking sleek with the appropriate measure of elegance and style. This style has been often quoted as the best way to wear a pear cut diamond ring. Another reason for this method is how diamond wraps are placed. Diamond wraps are the base to which the diamond is attached to in a ring. And the way the wrap is shaped shows that the round part should be facing the hand and the pointed end towards the fingertips otherwise it would leave an unflattering gap.

The tear drop shaped diamond has always fascinated many with its sheer sparkles and it can still hold its own against the traditional round cuts and the trendy princess cut. The pear cut is made for people who like to be set apart and not follow the traditional ways. People will definitely try to hold on to it and trust me it is one tear you will never want to shed.


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