Different Popular Cuts of Loose Diamonds

Many people want to be unique or premium. What is better than to have uniquely designed and crafted from scratch diamond jewelry to make you unique! You can easily add the needed dazzle to your personality by designing your own jewelry and get them made from reputed and adept jewelers.

There are many different cuts of diamonds which you need to know before you can proceed to designing.

Round cut: this is the most common cut for diamonds and are often considered to be the most brilliant and beautiful cut due to their simplistic design. Round diamonds reflect way more light than any other cut due to its shape and cut. These types of diamonds are often seen on earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets. As this is a very versatile cut and the simplicity of the cut leads to elegance, it can be used in any type of jewelry on its own and still look very beautiful.

Emerald cut: this is a predominantly men's cut and are often found on tie-pins and cuff links. These are rectangular in shape. These diamonds can also be worn by women but the designing needs to be careful for the piece to look feminine. One way to achieve that is to use other gemstones like rubies or sapphires to add the feminine appeal to the jewelry.

Radiant cut: this is another square shaped diamond and can be used for men's jewelry. Females can wear this cut as well but only after careful design and mixing of this stone with other gems or precious stones.  
Oval cut: This is a very popular cut for diamonds. This is a predominantly feminine cut and can be adjusted into any feminine jewelry with relative ease. This is not as bright or brilliant as its round counterparts but they still look pretty when used in proper settings. They can easily be combined with other type of jewelry elements as well.

Other shapes: there are other cuts for diamonds as well including the pear shaped loose diamonds which are also known as the teardrop shaped diamonds. These diamonds are great for earrings and pendants. There are heart shaped diamonds which are generally pink, marquis cut diamonds and trillion cut diamonds as well.

Whatever is your choice, you should know that different cuts suit different sexes, personalities and jewelry. You should consider who is to wear the diamond and also your budget before you buy any loose diamonds.


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