Different Diamond Ring Designs for Every Purpose

Diamonds are precious, gorgeous and the most costly of all the stones. These facts make it the best gem for wedding rings and bands. We tend so say “diamonds are forever” because they actually stay for a lifetime. Gifting a diamond ring displays undying love which stands the test of time. This is why most of us prefer a diamond studded wedding ring or engagement ring.

There are different types of diamond rings and bands available for these occasions. Let us list a few of the prominent ones.

Prong setting – the diamond is held into the place using a claw type of hold, which also means that the diamond stays raised above the surface. As almost the whole of the diamond is visible, the diamond glows the most in this setting, catching and reflecting the light. This is one of the most common settings you can find.

Bezel Setting – There is a protective wall around the diamond in this type of setting, generally made of the same precious metal. The top of the stone is the visible part in this rather modernistic design. If the diamond is large, this is the best setting as it keeps the diamond safe. 
Halo setting – A large diamond is placed in the middle with many smaller diamonds surrounding it. It is often considered to be a variation of prone setting with added diamonds for extra sparkle.

Channel Setting – It features multiple diamonds and these diamonds are placed side by side. Each of these diamonds have their own seats cut into the sides of the ring. With dual row of diamonds, these rings sparkle a lot.

Invisible setting – In this setting, diamonds sit near each other and cover the whole surface of the ring and thus it gets the name of invisible setting. Women who have received a large stone in their engagement ring can wear this to maintain a contrasting balance.

Pave setting – like the name suggests, this is another setting where diamonds cover the whole surface of the ring. Diamond wedding bands for women is suitable for women who wear an engagement ring with any large stone on it. Like invisible setting, this also can bring the perfect balance when worn alongside the engagement ring.

Although these are the popular designs for diamond wedding rings, you can explore even more or can even come with your own unique design. You then need to find a jeweler who is willing to create that ring for you.


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