Different Cuts Available for Diamonds: A brief Overview

Diamond engagement rings are always trendy. The eternal beauty and the dazzling shine make diamonds appealing, always. The cut of a diamond determines how sparkling it can be. The value and the beauty of diamond depend a lot on this.

If you are about to purchase a diamond engagement ring, pay close attention to the cut and the shape of the stone. This beautiful stone is available in different shapes and different cuts to add glow to different jewelry. The round cut is the most popular cut among all the variations. However, there are other cuts as well, such as emerald cut, pear cut, oval cut, princess cut and baguette cut.

Round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring is for those brides who prefer traditional jewelry. This cut produces the maximum brilliance and that is why this cut has been the most popular cut for last century.   

Princess cut is an ultramodern shape which has been invented as late as the 1990s. This cut is known for the fire and brilliance it produces in the stone. This is an inverted pyramid shape cut with a flat top and pointed corners. We often see rings with princess cut diamonds which have replaced the traditional rings to an extent.

Emerald cut is also known as step cut and the best feature of this cut is how well the prongs can hold these stones. This cut has a few surfaces, compared to the single surface cuts like princess or round brilliant. If someone is looking for an uncommon and stylish diamond, this cut is the perfect choice. A chiseled corner with flat rectangular top defines these stones.

Heart shape diamonds are very popular amongst young lovers for the obvious reasons. It displays love like no other cut does. It adds romance and a feminine touch to any jewelry containing it. This is a very difficult cut to perform and needs expertise to gain maximum sparkle.

Pear shaped cuts are often called the teardrop cut and it blends two distinct cuts, marquise and oval into one. For hanging earrings and solitaire pendants, these diamonds can add magic.

There are other shapes available like radiant, marquise, Asscher and baguette but they are not so common or popular. You should carefully choose the cut and shape as that has a direct impact on the jewelry they will be set on. The type of personality and the sex of the wearer also help determine the cut to choose.

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