Diamond and Its Different Uses

There is no other gemstone which is as popular or costly as diamonds are. It is probably the most coveted gemstone in the world. Wars have been fought over these tiny stones and anyone would love to have a diamond in his possession. Somehow, diamonds make people feel proud and happy. They are, of course, great to look at and if anyone is wearing a diamond, he or she is bound to get noticed. The GIA certified loose diamonds you can see at a jeweller's shop is indeed one of the most attractive things to look at. Although most people think of the beauty when thinking of diamonds, they are much more than that, in actuality. 
Loose diamonds are the hardest natural material on earth. This is why we have the saying “diamonds are forever”.   You wouldn’t believe that sometimes companies who drill through earth use diamonds at the tip as they are so hard. Do not think of a huge diamond which you can steal from them but small diamonds which make the tip more durable are used. Dentists also use diamonds to drill teeth. Our teeth are rather durable so it takes some hard material to drill through them. Whoever gets a veneer, actually gets their teeth drilled using diamonds. Imagine that!

Lose diamonds actually travel a long way before you see them in your hands or at the local jewelry store. They actually come from deep inside the earth, about a mile or so deep, to be exact! They are actually pure carbon and are found in coal mines. Extreme pressure and heat combines the carbon molecules to form diamonds. Their special molecular bond makes them so durable. Generally these stones are thrown upwards by volcanic eruptions which throw them upwards, around a few hundred feet away from the surface. Once the loose diamond is extracted, it goes for cleaning and cutting. Then they are polished and sold to the jewelers. Most of the reputed jewelers send them to a certification authority.

Diamonds are cut into many different shapes. Two of the most popular cuts are rose cut and brilliant cut. Then the natural shape of the diamond is to be considered as well. Pear shaped loose diamonds is one of the most common shapes found. While cutting the diamond, the cut is carefully considered as we try to waste as little of the diamond as possible.


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