Stand Out From the Rest with the Micro Pave Wedding Band

A standard pave diamond wedding band has a large centre stone together with smaller diamonds which surround the stone to minimize the surface area of metal that is visible. This setting type uses tiny prongs to clasp the smaller stones lengthwise on the wedding band. These rings are similar to the standard pave rings but the only variation is the magnitude or rather mass of the pave stones; the size of the diamonds used in micro pave rings are way smaller than the standard ones.

If you want an engagement ring that will really catch everyone's eye, the brilliance and elegance of micro pave engagement ring is the perfect ring for you. Micro pave rings can have up to 100portions of the tinier stones and sometimes even more depending on the design of your preference. 

Like any other styles and designs of rings, the pave rings have a number of merits and demerits. You can note that with the setting of the micro pave wedding band, the exterior is a lot smoother than the standard settings of the pave. You can also choose make a number of complicated designs when you're making use of tiny stones. This is not like with large ones which are very limited when it comes to design. Tiny stones tend to be less resilient since only smaller sized prongs will are used.

Also, using a lot of minute stones on your micro pave wedding band could surpass the lustre of the stone which is at the centre. However, if you're paved stones of a single, it could slim down the wedding band and it will not be proportional to the centre stone especially if it is also in the midst of tiny stones.

Unlike any other types of ring settings, the micro pave wedding band ring is not for ordinary use. Nonetheless, if you want to use it on a daily basis then you need to regularly if all the minute stones remain intact. If you want your micro pave wedding band last, ensure that you know how to take care of it for instance, keep away from activities that can harm it.


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