White Gold Engagement Rings

Golden engagement rings have held sway since way back in the Victorian era. The most popular shade of gold throughout the 19th century was the yellow gold. However, the proceeding century, the 20th Century came with a wide range of discoveries and innovations which comprised of the possibility of creation of white gold, a jewelry selection specifically set for the engagement rings. This age was marked by mostly white gold or platinum, yet with time the white gold apparently out shined the platinum alternative. This made white gold the favored selection among many females.

Engagement rings are quite a pricey affair and with regards to your budget, you ought to get the picture-perfect ring for that once in a lifetime occasion. But then again, white gold engagement pieces are acknowledged to be much less expensive as compared to other precious metal kinds such as platinum. Moreover, it is also a much better option as compared to sterling silver. Gold in its most pure form has about 24 karats and this tends to be too soft for creation of jewelry. Therefore an amalgam or rather an alloy of gold is the most convenient in production of jewelry since it reinforces the piece terms of resilience. The name the resultant alloy is given depends on the metal that is merged with the gold. This takes diverse descriptions namely; yellow gold, rose gold and white gold.
White gold has a breath-taking final touch which complements the diamonds giving them a lovely glow. It bears a resemblance to platinum since it has a rhodium coating which is in the platinum family. This coating gives the white gold durability and scratch resistant properties.

Wear and tear may diminish the rhodium but then, that is fixed by the jeweler renewing its look to a pure white gloss. This will only be needed possibly 10 years dependent on your activities as you wear the ring.

Therefore, if   you want a dazzling look, go for white gold engagement rings that will give a more personal and feminine look also if your lady prefers more of a silent look with simply a centre piece diamond, all you need to do is to make your customized order.


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