Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Just as the name suggests, the round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring is the most outstanding of all the engagement rings with diamond fittings. This is particularly because of the impressive diamond cuts that they have. The round brilliant type of diamond cut consists of some very elaborate and sophisticated calculations involving arithmetic and trigonometrical design. All these complex mathematical summations work effectively on the structure of the diamond in order to give it the ability to disband and scatter any light spectrum hitting it. This is what actually leads to the increase in its total lustre. 

This pretty and attractive cut of diamonds was recognized for the first time in the 18th century by a jeweler whose lineage was of a very well-known heritage of diamond cutters. He was a Belgian known as Marcel Tolkowsky. From then on, this rich and exquisite diamond cut increased in its eminence. Up until today, the round brilliant cut diamond is the most delved into of all the existing diamond cuts. It consists of exactly 58 planes which as you would expect follow the divine crystalline profile of a rough diamond. This is precisely what ends up making the engagement ring magical for the lady it is presented to. The superiority of the glistening rock in such an engagement ring is completely undisputed.

This is the most prevalent of all the shapes of diamonds and in point of fact, approximately seventy five percent of all the diamonds that are presently in the market are of this form. Virtually, all the existing types of round diamonds are of this brilliant cut type meaning that they contain all the 58planes. On the other hand, the moment the culet is not present, the total sum of faces adds up to57. As a result of their status and reputable nature especially due to the glorious dispersion of the color spectrum, these are the most costly shapes of diamonds that you could acquire. Therefore, you should bear in mind the cost of engagement rings with this cut if you are planning to acquire one, truly it will be worth every penny that you are going to spend on it. In addition, you should also know that this price is also brought as a result of their very low yield percentage since a large amount of the rough stone is wasted in the course of their elaborate design.

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