Pear Shaped Loose Diamonds

The pear shaped loose diamonds are some of the most gorgeous feminine diamonds in production. If you are looking for a sure-fire way to sweep your lovely lady off her feet. For the most part this type of diamond has an exceptionally symmetrical round edge on one of its sides. On the other edge, there is an equally good looking point of tapering. Typically, this type of diamond is placed onto a five- prong holder whose two sides hold onto the round side of the diamond and the other two sides amply hold the other rounded edges of the precious stone. Lastly, the final prong has a V-shape and it functions to give ultimate protection to the most fragile, susceptible and delicate side of this precious stone; this is the section which is at the bottommost end. 

Pear shaped loose diamonds have a tiny form of a bow-tie shaped contour at their central point. This is one of the unique features that ensure that the piece of precious stone exudes a wonderful look of brilliance and gleam making it exceptionally easy on the eyes.

It is quite essential for you as an interested buyer of this type of diamond to wholly think through how it was cut so that you can easily make the best possible purchase. Here, we have ensured utter perfection in the art of diamond cutting. This guarantees that this particular type has a finely lined up smooth-edged end with very uniform and clear-cut shoulders. Apart from that, our know-how in the procedure of cutting the pear shaped loose diamond makes sure that the smooth-edged top does not end up having an appearance that will turn out to be  too tapered or stocky. The moment a cut piece has an appearance that is too rounded; this reduces its aesthetic value.

However, our artistry and craftsmanship in what we do brings out a final cut of the pear shaped loose diamond that has a distinct semi-circular shape which complements its artistic appearance. If you have a preference to the pear shaped loose diamonds variety, then this is your best bet for the most deluxe pieces. Get the finest pieces with the best prices available on the market exclusively today.


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