Designer Engagement Rings

There is something rather mystic even just thinking about designer engagement ring designs. The moment word 'designer' comes to mind, it generates images of passion, enigma, exceptional ingenuity, flair and affluence.

While a lot of us worry about the price tag that must come with such creations and never anticipate receiving such a gift, we are still spellbound by thinking of them and feeling the enticing desire to find out what the hassle is all about.

Whether you are looking at a modest diamond and platinum Tacori ring, an elegant and well-designed Danhov piece or a truly exceptional Leon Popov butterfly diamond ring, there are lots of reasons that need to be considered when looking at the designer engagement rings.

Just as we instruct somebody to decorate a picture, we also require our ring to be inimitably designed by somebody who can collect all our emotions for each other, dreams and hopes then convert them into an exquisite piece of art that will be worn forever.

We desire looking at the ring and instantly feeling a connection with it and with one another through the ring. This is a feeling that hardly any off the rack rings can give somebody. However the personal touch that comes with designer engagement rings captures it all like a dream.

Like everything Haute Couture, designer engagement rings are uniquely and exclusively designed to a specific person. You may possibly get away with acquisition of clothes off the shelf but your engagement ring has to be a very special and personal piece.

If you love Kate Middleton's ring, but you prefer a ruby as an alternative of a sapphire, or you like Cartier but you don’t have the money to afford the name-tag, then you can design your own form of their rings.

Usually, a ring consists of a diamond set on a platinum band or white gold. The ring itself could have a variety of looks which depend on whether you are looking for more of an old-fashioned piece or a current one. Occasionally you will find three settings of stone or a setting that has some stones on the side.


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